May Real Estate Market Report

Sunday Jun 06th, 2021


The May Real Estate Market Report is released today. Despite of the COVID-19 pandemic as people are getting vaccinated, and the number of cases going down, the GTA real estate market has been booming!
The number of listing in the GTA has went up like 103.7% since 2020 as there are a lot of listings on the market. The number of home that got sold has went up like 160.1% compare to 2020. The average sale price is still booming like 28.4%, but the market is started to cool down that it will become more like a balanced market, equal amount of demand and inventory. Lastly, the property that has been on the market has drop like 53.1% meaning the listing on the market has been sold quickly.
If you are still wondering whether to sell your home or purchase your next dream home right now, now it is a good time to do it. Call me today to get started. I am more than happy to provide you my overview of the real estate market.
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