August Real Estate Market

Friday Sep 03rd, 2021


The August real estate market is officially out 🚨
As the government is keeping an eye of the number of Covid-19 cases and people are getting their vaccine, the housing market is very strong! The number of new listing right now is 10,609 compare to last year of 18,599. This is a sign that there is a slight shift of the supply as there is a lot of demand for homes and drop significantly. The number of home that got sold is 8596 compare to 10738 that is like a 19.9% drop. The average price for the GTA is close to $1.08 million which the condo market is picking up. The property on the market is 21 days meaning the home is getting sold.
There will be a change to the housing market in term of the new policies like no foreigners buyers, no blind bidding and no flipper, but these are still getting finalize.
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